Sweet Sparkle

Sweet Sparkle is a controversial Regular set, by Royal Jelly. The design is inspired by glitter and Christmas.

The world 'sweet' in Sweet Sparkle has no relation to the said controversial collection thus it is now been know as the most controversial design in any Regular Collections.

General Information:Edit

The set consists of 4 items:

  • Meteor Necklace
  • Strapless Eyelet Top
  • Sequined Mini
  • Slingback Platforms

The set has a total initial value of $231 and a total resale value of $278.


Sweet Sparkle can only be unlocked at level 3, for 300 Mall Dollars.


Picture Name Price per Item Profit per item (%)
Buy Sell
Meteor Necklace $49 $59 $10 (20%)
Strapless Eyelet Top $65 $78 $13 (20%)
Sequined Mini $68 $82 $14 (21%)
Slingback Platforms $49 $59 $10 (20%)

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