Soft & Sensational is a VIP set.

Soft and sensational

General Information: Edit

The set consists of 4 items:

  • Soft Green Dress
  • Mint Bag
  • Sensational Earrings
  • Long Dark Tail
  • Mint Sandals

The set has a total initial value of $163,000 and a total resale value of $195,600.

Requirements: Edit

Soft & Sensational can be unlocked at any level, for <price> Mall Credits.

Items: Edit


Name Price Per Item Profit Per Item
Soft green dress
Soft Green Dress $48,000 $1,600
Mint bag
Mint Bag $21,000 $4,200
Sensational earrings
Sensational Earrings $22,000 $4,400
Long dark tail
Long Dark Tail $42,000 $8,400
Mint sandals
Mint Sandals $30,000 $6,000

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