Shopping Spree

Shopping Spree is a controversial Regular Collection, by Secret Vintage. The said set is somewhat controversial because the Ravishing Rose Shorts was actually a house shorts and not intended for outdoors, like going for shopping and such.

General Information:Edit

The set consists of 5 items:

  • Evergreen Earrings
  • Rose Bush Tank
  • Ravishing Rose Shorts
  • Trisha Colorblock Handbag
  • Shopper's Delight Stilettos

The set has a total initial value of $2,025 and a total resale value of $2,430.


Shopping Spree can be unlocked at Level 21, for 6,750 Mall Dollars.


Picture Name Price per Item Profit per item (%)
Buy Sell
Evergreen Earrings $125 $150 $25 (20%)
Rose Bush Tank $500 $600 $100 (20%)
Ravishing Rose Shorts $400 $480 $80 (20%)
Trisha Colorblock Handbag $600 $720 $120 (20%)
Shopper's Delight Stilettos $400 $480 $80 (20%)

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