Rendez-Vous Collection

Rendez-Vous Collection is a Regular set, by a controversial designer Anais Blum.

Rendez-Vous is the most controversial collection ever in Mall World, this is because when you play in the Missing Piece Game and the model is fully naked, that means it is the Rendez-Vous Collection that needs to be complete.

General Information:Edit

The set consists of 3 items:

  • Sunrise Dress (red/pink)
  • Tan Hampton
  • Patent Flats (red)

The set has a total initial value of $175 and a total resale value of $210.


Rendez-Vous Collection can only be unlocked at level <insert level>, for <price> Mall Dollars.


Picture Name Price per Item Profit per item (%)
Buy Sell
Sunrise Dress (red/pink) $75 $90 $15 (20%)
Tan Hampton $60 $72 $12 (20%)
Patent Flats (red) $40 $48 $8 (20%)

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