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Premium collections may be found by opening your Catalogue, then selecting the 'Premium' tab.

Premium collections are genrally unlocked by spending Mall Credits. When the collection is unlocked, the player will reveice a sample of each item in their Inventory (but not in their closet). This means that the player can sell one of each item from the collection,but will still have to visit another player's store whom sells the premium items in order to wear any of the premium items.

Whilst the player will have to use MallCredits to unlock a Premium collection, the items only sell for Mall Dollars.

List of Premium collections:Edit

Collection Credits to unlock Number of items Total value of items in set Earn for one set
Punkk Rock Princess by Jo Pirdie 30 4 43,490
Affluent Beauty by Jo Pirdie 20 5 57,900. 7,900
Wealthy Wifey by Jo Pirdie 20 57,600
Nightlife by Jo Pirdie 20
Firecracker by Jo Pirdie 20
Moondance by Jo Pirdie 25
Forget Me Not by Jo Pirdie 20
Blue Skies by Jo Pirdie 20
Polished by Jo Pirdie 20
Paint the Town by Jo Pirdie 20
Animal Lover by Jo Pirdie 15 6 36,500 45,854
Spell Bound by Jo Pirdie 25
Bloom by Jo Pirdie 20
Love Me Tender by Jo Pirdie 29
Luminesence by Jo Pirdie 23
Sequin Starlet by Jo Pirdie 27
High Gloss by Jo Pirdie 19
Origami by Jo Pirdie 19
Wrapture by Jo Pirdie 21
Sweetheart by Jo Pirdie 25
Meet at Midnight by Jo Pirdie 23
Oscar Night by Jo Pirdie 25
Flawless by Jo Pirdie 20
Electric Girl by Jo Pirdie 23
Raspberry by Jo Pirdie 20 5 34,500
Stunning Silver by Jo Pirdie 17
Mirage by Jo Pirdie

Mall Dollars

5 280,000
Translucent by Jo Pirdie 25
Heartbreaker by Jo Pirdie 19
So Scandalous by Jo Pirdie 23
Toil & Trouble by Jo Pirdie 23
Nightfall by Jo Pirdie 25
Comme des Filles by Jo Pirdie 17
Infatuation by Jo Pirdie 19
She's Got the Look by Jo Pirdie 17
Ice Queen by Jo Pirdie 18
Blue Ribbon by Jo Pirdie 17
Unforgettale by Jo Pirdie 19
Executive by Jo Pirdie 15
Paper Doll by Jo Pirdie 23
Love Potion by Jo Pirdie 22
Front Row by Jo Pirdie 23
Lobster Tail by Jo Pirdie 17
Tribal Times by Jo Pirdie 17
Oh My Goddess by Jo Pirdie 19
Merri-mint by Jo Pirdie 20
Red Velvet by Jo Pirdie 20
Supernatural Beauty by Jo Pirdie 19
Privileged by Jo Piride (typo) 20
Gold Rush by Jo Pirdie 20
Enchanted by Jo Pirdie 20
Needlepoint by Jo Pirdie 19
Glisten Girl by Jo Pirdie 17 4 26,500
Violet Femme by Jo Pirdie 19
Sweet Dreaming by Jo Pirdie 20
Effervescent by Jo Pirdie 19
Cherry Blossom by Jo Pirdie 17
Wine & Dine by Jo Pirdie 22
Rock Rebel by Jo Pirdie 17
From the Heart by Jo Pirdie 4 39,250 44,588
Sweet Love by Jo Pirdie 20
Time to Shine by Jo Pirdie 20
Candy Apple by Jo Pirdie 21
Flower Power by Andriana Theofilou 17 6 48,500 55,815
Peacock Princess by Micah Tuazon 20
Romantic Empress by Ohmme Maneekarn 20
Shop Girl by Jo Pirdie 21
Easy Breezy by Jo Pirdie 19
Spring Fever by Jo Pirdie 20
Mademoiselle by Jo Pirdie 21
Pink Lady by Jo Pirdie 17
Classic Cutie by Jo Pirdie 20
Disco Darling by Jo Pirdie 25
Strike it Rich by Jo Pirdie 19
Punk Rock Plaid by Jo Pirdie 17
Newspaper by Lana Marie Taylor 19
M. WO by Jo Pirdie 19
Summer's Eve by Jo Pirdie 20
Bleu Label by Viveka Rossa 19
Fashion Fest by Camilla Paxton 18
Born This Way by Sacred Heart 19
Marigold Glow
Hot & Heavenly by Viveka Rossa 18 5 36,500 46,175
The Glamorous by Viveka Rossa 20
Samsumg Mobile
Samsung Genome
Sunflower by Veronia 23
Leopard Love by Sacred Heart 22
Seascape by Viveka Rossa 21
Fun & Fearless by Camilla Paxton 19
Foxy by Sacred Heart 23
SUmmer Style by Pryant Park 19
On the Go by Viveka Rossa 20 5 39,500 45,350
Miss Ivy by Sacred Heart 21
Emerald Queen by Bryant Park 21 47,500 53,150
Mystic Maiden by Viveka Rossa
Samsung Genome
Some Like It Hot by Camila Paxton 21
Kate by Sacred Heart 21
Hot Streak by Bryant Park 21
Bloom by Sacred Heart 21
Lady in Red by Miller 23
Pearl by Juan 23
Glitz and Glam by Anna 21
Gifted by Juan Carlos 23
Sparkler by Mory 23
Milles Feuiles by Nowrus 23
Star Dust by JC 27
Seafoam by Ansam Sabah 21 4 50,000 55,920
Cerise by JCPR 27
Rise & Shine by Mory
Furious by Mina P 23
50 Shades of Purple by Sabah 23
Urban Cowboy by Dawn 29
Mother of Pearl by Bruna Dores 29
Once Upon a Time by Sabrina Dietrich 29
Diamond Dreams by Miller 29
Modern Vintage by MC 27
Ms. Violet by Davies 29
Black Beauty by Sabrina 29
Winter Candyland by Amanda 30
Snow White by Nowrus 30
Radiant Ruffles by Nowrus 30
Lady in Lace by JSN 31
Ruffles in Paris by Erin 31
Cascading Ruffles by Jolanda 31
Girl in Pearls by Dores 30
Encrusted Coral by Juan 29
Year of the Snake by S.I.N. 30
A Vision in Canary by Juan 31
A Black Tie Affair by Juan 30
Tangerine Dream by Dores 29
Black Currant by Sofia 28
Green with Envy by Edina 28
Mint Condition by Crystal 29
Violet Royalty by Iris 29
Flower Child by Lummy 31
Gilded Ballerina by Katelynn 34
Shop Spot 1 7 68,500 77,310
Tea Time by Jolanda 34
Back in Black by Iris 31
Purple Reign by Sarah 31
Flamenco by Lumy 31
Fresh by Amanda 5 103,000 123,600


  • There is a typo in Jo Pirdie's name on the Privileged by Jo Plrdie collection