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You can get more MallCredits and MallDollars this way: Hit the "GET MALL CREDIT" or "GET MALLDOLLARS" tab in the pink menu bar at the top of the game window for lots of great offers. Click on "Offers," "Offerpal Media," "gWallet," and "SuperRewards." You can even get MallCredits or MallDollars for FREE!

This is a great way to support MallWorld without spending real money.

However, keep in mind that you might not get the MallCredits for these reasons:

• User did not fully complete the offer

• User may not have fulfilled or met all of the requirements necessary to be awarded.
• Ad blocking software or browser security settings is preventing advertisers from placing the cookies required to track the offers causing the report to fail
• User has already completed the offer once. Completed offers may NOT be repeated.