Hot Jazz

Hot Jazz is a controversial Regular Collection, by controversial designer Andra Ion. It is inspired by the Roaring 20's.

In December 2016, Mall World players were shocked and angry when the Swingin' Headdress, Black Pearl Ring and Harlequin Heels were 3 of the 5 Inventory prizes of the "Magnetic Green" celebration in Wheel of Fashion. According to them, they were "too cheap" to sell.

Then on December 8, 2016; the Diamond Choker was the last to be part of the "Magnetic Green" celebration.

General Information:Edit

The set consists of 6 items, including the 4 that went controversial:

  • Swingin' Headdress*
  • Double Pearl Drop Earring
  • Diamond Choker*
  • Beaded Shift
  • Black Pearl Ring*
  • Harlequin Heels*

The set has a controversial initial value of $3,270 and a controversial resale value of $3,924.


Hot Jazz can be unlocked at Level 36, for 12,500 Mall Dollars. But is is now officially CLOSED.


Picture Name Price per Item Profit per item (%)
Buy Sell
Swingin' Headdress


$495 $594 $0 (0%)
Double Pearl Drop Earring $395 $474 $79 (20%)
Diamond Choker


$445 $0 $0 (0%)
Beaded Shift $795 $954 $159 (20%)
Black Pearl Ring


$545 $654 $0 (0%)
Harlequin Heels


$595 $714 $0 (0%)

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