Blue Angel

Blue Angel is a controversial Regular set, by a controversial designer La Badalia.

What makes Blue Angel controversial is because the Blue Briefs are the most best selling however some are claiming that the said under wear was actually a thong panty.

General Information:Edit

The set consists of 4 items:

  • Blue Feather Extension
  • Blue Silk House Coat
  • Lacy Negligee
  • Blue Briefs

The set has a total initial value of $1,350 and a total resale value of $1,620.


Blue Angel can only be unlocked at level 7, for 1,000 Mall Dollars.


Picture Name Price per Item Profit per item (%)
Buy Sell
Blue Feather Extension $100 $120 $20 (20%)
Blue Silk House Coat $500 $600 $100 (20%)
Lacy Negligee $500 $600 $100 (20%)
Blue Briefs $250 $300 $50 (20%)

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